Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Platinum HDMI cables: Understanding Home Theaters

Do you want to plunge into the air from 30000 feet with a parachute? Well, just switch on your home theater and experience it right inside your living room! The home theater systems are capable of bringing the adventure right in front of your eyes and offer you a true to life experience! The latest to join the band wagon are the Platinum HDMI cables which offer a seamless mode of interaction between various home theater devices.

HDMI) High Definition Multimedia Interface) has acquired a lot of importance with the development of cutting edge gadgets! HDMI transcends all boundaries between the gadgets enabling a digital hand shake. This allows a free flow of data between various devices allowing you to enjoy cutting edge pictures and sound. The Platinum HDMI cables are also perfectly suited for this purpose!

The need for Platinum cables was felt after the increasing use of Blue Ray technology in movies and home theater systems. This development means that the HDMI cable connecting the player to the home theater system is the most important audio cable in the entire system. The Platinum cable owing to its unique designing is perfectly capable of offering the highest audio and video fidelity in the home theater systems!

What makes the Platinum HDMI capable simply outstanding is the use of DNA Helix conductor design which is awaiting a patent! The technology allows the Platinum conductor to use 24 solid silver conductors which is double of the conventional HDMI designs! The innovative symmetrical geometry neutralizes impedance variations along the length of the cable.

Well, if all this sound Greek to you then in simple English the Platinum HDMI cable offers the highest speed for transmitting the signals and also reduce the noise or any other disturbance associated with signals! This means that you enjoy crystal clear pictures and sound while watching your favorite movies!

Along with Platinum Starlight HDMI cables there are various other accessories which will accentuate your home theater experience. The use of sophisticated panels and foam sound absorbers will ensure that you enjoy all the notes of your favorite music and have a splendid home theater experience. So, get ready to fly in air!

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