Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Auralex Acoustics: Don't miss even a single note

Do you want to create a thunderous performance in your home? Well, then the Auralex acoustics can surely help you in achieving this? The Auralex acoustics cater to all your musical needs and create a perfect harmony in your interiors. These products offer a holistic acoustical experience to ensure that you have a rich experience.

Auralex is an established name in the field of acoustics and includes a wide range of products. The Auralex products include sound barriers, sound absorbers, diffusers and complete room treatment system. The expert team at Auralex also help you to achieve world class acoustics in your interiors. Auralex provides a complete package for enhanced acoustical performance. A few of the important factors associated with excellent acoustics are listed below:

* Absorption:
Sound absorption is an important aspect for reducing the distorted sound caused by echo. Auralex studiofoam proves to be the perfect material for this purpose as it helps to alleviate, slap and flutter echo. This property helps to create a superb musical atmosphere.

* Diffusion:
Diffusion prevents the sound waves from grouping and creates a strong 3D performance. It widens the so called 'sweet spot' and eliminates the hot spots from the room.

* Bass Traps:
Bass traps are ideal for controlling low frequency sound which is tougher than controlling high frequency sound.

Auralex acoustic series also offer various other useful products like iso series and max wall which are capable of a superb acoustical performance. Special attention is given to the minutest details as is evident form the Auralex adhesives which keeps the studio foam bounded. Auralex team also takes acoustics to the next level by offering you personalized room analysis services. This enchanting feature allows you to submit the details of your room online and the Auralex team will send you a detailed analysis of your room. You can even send a sound recording in .WAV file and receive a detailed analysis.

Auralex is also making sincere efforts to make green foot prints. The company manufactures Ecotech acoustical panel from recycled polyester fibers. It is a dust free and non allergic product which is free from formaldehyde and does not causes any respiratory irritation. So, now your favorite music is free from both noise as well as environmental pollution!

Acoustics Audio offers Auralex acoustic products. The website of the company provides complete information about the company.

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